My thought on WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 February 23, 2014, Target Center Minneapolis  So the last PPV before Wrestlemania has just finished and Randy Orton is still your WWE World Heavyweight Champion and will face Batista at Wrestlemania 30 and once again Daniel Bryan has been screwed again by the Authority but mainly Director of Operations Kane. Also, John […]

Vince Mcmahon buying Newcastle United

  Just read this story in the independent about vince mchahon buying newcastle united and i couldn’t believe my eyes. As a huge pro wrestling and football fan i would love to see these two world’s clash. If you are a follower of the wwe you would know about the launch of the wwe network in […]

WWE Finally Break Silence On CM Punk

Originally posted on Talking Baws:
The WWE have, after more than 3 weeks, have finally responded to CM Punk’s departure from the company with a terse corporate statement. Since he walked out ahead of post-Royal Rumble Raw, neither side have made a public announcement on the topic. CM Punk chants have been a regular feature…

Single – “Fake Your Death”

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My Chemical Romance, previously having announced their split last year, have released a final single. In anticipation for their compilation album “May Death Never Stop You”, set to be released March 25th of this year. The single, “Fake Your Death”, is their last new song, according to frontman Gerard Way. He…