Vince Mcmahon buying Newcastle United



Just read this story in the independent about vince mchahon buying newcastle united and i couldn’t believe my eyes. As a huge pro wrestling and football fan i would love to see these two world’s clash. If you are a follower of the wwe you would know about the launch of the wwe network in 5 days on 25th February, I could see this as way for wwe to try and expand it network past just pro wrestling in the near future. It would be a great idea by buying a club of a sport that is the most watched and followed sport in this country with millions of people watching football every weekend.

If i was a newcastle united fan the idea of a well know and success businessman taking over my club and with the money and connects that vince mcmahon he could make newcastle competitive and revant once again in the world football arena. I know this could just be a story that never becomes more then just a rumour, but if it true it would be great from a business and would shock the footballing world 




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