WWE Elimination Chamber 2014
February 23, 2014,
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So the last PPV before Wrestlemania has just finished and Randy Orton is still your WWE World Heavyweight Champion and will face Batista at Wrestlemania 30 and once again Daniel Bryan has been screwed again by the Authority but mainly Director of Operations Kane.
Also, John Cena was attacked in the Chamber by the Wyatt Family and cost him the chance to headline Wrestlemania.
These are my thoughts on the other match that took place that the Elimination Chamber.
Pre Show (4 out of 5)
The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes & Goldust) vs Rybaxel (Ryback & Curtis Axel)
A good match that had nice back and forth action with Goldust and Ryback. Cody Rhodes’ performance was awesome and I loved the Disaster Kick to Ryback on the steel stairs. The counter to Axel’s finisher to the CrossRhodes was a great finish to the match. It doesn’t look like brother vs brother match at Wrestlemania is happening, but I may be wrong. This match was alright but it’s not the match people are going to remember in years to come.
Winner: The Brotherhood
Match 1 (3 out of 5)
Intercontinental Championship
Big E (C) vs Jack Swagger 
A great match to start the PPV, their was a lot big impact move by Big E that made him look strong and powerful champion, the match had a good peace to it, jack swagger really sell being a real treat for the title, but i’m glad Big E won the match this will help him become  main event player. Jack swagger still looked strong in defend but if the wwe rumours are true about a real americans slip, I think swagger will become lose in the shuffle again.
Winner: Big E (C) 
Match 2 (3 out of 5)
Tag Team Championships 
The New Ages Outlaws (C) Vs The Uno’s
A good title match with a soild pace i through at some parts, the uno’s were carrying the outlaws. i didn’t mind the ending but i wished the outlaws could have won with billy gnu finisher. I guess their wanted to show experience wins over youth. I see a rematch at WrestleMania where the uno’s will win the titles.
Winner: New Ages Outlaws (C)
Match 3 (1 out of 5)
Darren Young Vs Titus O’Neil 
It wasn’t a bad match, i really didn’t get into the match, their wasn’t a lot of action. I really throught they were tried to make the match interesting, but it didn’t work for me, I like their trying different fueds on PPV but their storyline was rushed it could have been a good pre show match with a rematch at WrestleMania when the storyline would be more developed. I see Titus wrestling Big E for the intercontinental title at mania. i’m also worry about Darren Young because i believe he will also get lost in the shuffle like Swagger.
Winner: Titus O’Neil  
Match 4 (5 out of 5)
The Shield vs The Wyatts Family
What an amazing match it was worth the hype, they both had good amount of time controlling the match, it had a big fight feel and the crowd were really up for it ,as was I. Seth Rollins had an amazing match, love the Suicide drive to the floor on Bray Wyatt. The highlight for me was Luke Harper and Erick Rowan putting Rollins through the Spanish announce table remain me of the good old days. Reigns looked good has always, when Reigns hit the spear i through the shield were going to win, But i wasn’t that surprise by the result. Bray Wyatt vs John Cena look like it going to happened at mania and the shield slip will happened tonight i hope so that their can build a match between each of them at mania.
Winner: The Wyatt Family   
Match 5 (1 out of 5)
Divas Championship 
Aj Lee (C)vs Cameron  
The match was ok, i wasn’t really invested and it was slow pace. Their was some good move done on AJ by Cameron, Aj sell the hits well as always I’m not a big fan of the divas division, i think the NXT divas matches are better, but the division is got a bright further if AJ still champion. I would love to see Paige vs AJ for the Divas’s Title at mania but a man can dream. I see AJ defending her title against Nateria but only if she is back from injury in time.
Winner: AJ Lee (C) 
Match 6 (2 out of 5)
Batista  vs Alberto Del Rio 
This wasn’t a great match, i throught del rio carry batisa through the whole match and  i didn’t see batisa get any offard move on del rio until he hit the Batista bomb for the win. I did like the injury angle that del rio did to get the upper hand at the start of the match. The crowd were funny charting bootisa instead of Batista . Now batisa can go on to highlight mania against randy orton for the title, I wish it title match yo be a  triple threat match with daniel byan involved but i can get everything can I 😦
Winner: Bastisa 
Match 7 (4 out of 5)
Elimination Chamber Match 
WWE World Heavyweight Championship 
Randy Orton(C) vs John Cena vs Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro vs Christain 
I enjoy this match a lot, it made everyone look like they had a chance of winning the title. Cesaro had a great match i hope they push cesaro at some point this year i loved the upper cut he did to Cena. I thought the chamber was really good had a lot of good action i liked the bro kick to the pod to get  randy out of the pod that was awesome. It a bit disappointed with the finish with byan getting screwed again, but i see him winning the title around summer time so it all good.
Winner: Randy Orton (C)
I give this PPV a 4 out of 5 because it had for the most part good solid matches but 1 or 2 matches let the PPV down in my opinion. I can’t wait for Raw tonight to see what surprise we will see and how storyline will develop leading up to the Wrestlemania.
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