So this is my first music blog i’ve done since i’ve sign up to this website, so i thought i would start with a top 10 list of my favourite album’s that has change the way i make music lyrically and musicially

  1. Green Day- American Idiot – First band i really love. Favourite songs; ‘Homecoming”  and American Idiot.
  2. The Clash – London Calling- The band that introduce me to punk music , Favourite songs; Guns of Brixton and London Calling.
  3. Angels and Airwaves – We Don’t Need to Whisper- I discovered the awesomeness of synths because of this album. Favourite song; The Adventure and The Gift
  4. Biffy Clyro- Only Revolutions- A band that changed the way I looked at music. Fav Songs; The Captain and Bubbles
  5. Yellowcard – Southern Air – A album i didn’t expended to be this good Fav Songs; Awakening and Always Summers
  6. Blink 182 – Blink 182 (Self Tited)- best album blink has every created Fav song; Feeling This and Asthenia
  7. Queen- Greatest Hits 1, 2 and 3- First every album’s i ever listened to. Favourite Songs; Bohemian Rhapsody, A Kind Of Magic and Barcelona
  8. Eminem- The Eminem Show- First hip hop album i ever listened and owned. Favourite Songs; White America and Soldier
  9. Rage Againist the Machine – Rage Against The Machine (Self Titied) – The Album that wanted me to up my game in regards to learning bass guitar. Favourite Songs; Bombtrack and Killing In The Name.
  10. Anti Flag – For Blood and Empire – Discovered the song press corpse to this day i still can’t play it. Favourite Songs; Press Corpse and Project For The New American Century

So this is my top ten Favourite album, i hope you agreed with my list if so please follow me. My next music blog will hopefully be a review of an ablum, I don’t know what one yet.