My Favourite Album’s

So this is my first music blog i’ve done since i’ve sign up to this website, so i thought i would start with a top 10 list of my favourite album’s that has change the way i make music lyrically and musicially

  1. Green Day- American Idiot – First band i really love. Favourite songs; ‘Homecoming”  and American Idiot.
  2. The Clash – London Calling- The band that introduce me to punk music , Favourite songs; Guns of Brixton and London Calling.
  3. Angels and Airwaves – We Don’t Need to Whisper- I discovered the awesomeness of synths because of this album. Favourite song; The Adventure and The Gift
  4. Biffy Clyro- Only Revolutions- A band that changed the way I looked at music. Fav Songs; The Captain and Bubbles
  5. Yellowcard – Southern Air – A album i didn’t expended to be this good Fav Songs; Awakening and Always Summers
  6. Blink 182 – Blink 182 (Self Tited)- best album blink has every created Fav song; Feeling This and Asthenia
  7. Queen- Greatest Hits 1, 2 and 3- First every album’s i ever listened to. Favourite Songs; Bohemian Rhapsody, A Kind Of Magic and Barcelona
  8. Eminem- The Eminem Show- First hip hop album i ever listened and owned. Favourite Songs; White America and Soldier
  9. Rage Againist the Machine – Rage Against The Machine (Self Titied) – The Album that wanted me to up my game in regards to learning bass guitar. Favourite Songs; Bombtrack and Killing In The Name.
  10. Anti Flag – For Blood and Empire – Discovered the song press corpse to this day i still can’t play it. Favourite Songs; Press Corpse and Project For The New American Century

So this is my top ten Favourite album, i hope you agreed with my list if so please follow me. My next music blog will hopefully be a review of an ablum, I don’t know what one yet.



My thoughts on NXT Arrival


NXT ARRIVAL February 27, 2014Full Sail University Winter Park, Florida 
Sorry for not reviewing the Monday night raw has not a lot of uni work on, so i thought i would review the first show to be live on the new wwe network, NXT Arrival. I was really excited about this show due to the fact we had a sami zaya vs cesaro rematch, paige vs emma for the nxt women’s title and the main event adrain neville vs bo dallas for the nxt title in a ladder match. This was the first time i’ve watch nxt it made me wish i started watch it sooner.

Match 1 (5 out of 5) Sami Zayn Vs Cesaro What an incredible match to start the show, I just watch the 2 out of 3 fall match a courpe of weeks ago and through it was the match of the year but this match i think it eclipse that match by far. Cesaro was in control for most of it due to the fact that every time zany looked like he was going to get back into the match cesaro had a counter. The highlight for the match for me was the hurricanrana for the top rope and the canadian destroyer both done by zayn. I can’t describe to you how good this match and i love the show of respect by cesaro at the end of the match that was class. I see at some point sami zayn will get a shot at the nxt title due to this amazing performance  in this match Winner: Cesaro Match 2 (2 out of 5) CJ Parker vs. Mojo Rawley A good match in sense it calm everyone down after the first match. It was very short with little in way of action and like rawley finisher ‘hypedriver’ that an awesome move. I like the gimmick that mojo rawley has about being always hyped, i see him being a big star in the near furture and also seeing him challenge for the nxt title at some point Winner: Mojo Rawley Match 3 (3 out of 5) NXT Tag Team Title Too Cool vs. The Ascension (C) A really good tag match it was a old school vs new school match due to the fact that it was ascension vs too cool, I through had too cool were ok but the guy are in the late 30’s but their did their job to put over the ascension. This tag team looks awesome their look strong and powerful and it looks like no one can stop them. The finisher their have as a tag team looks like it hurts. I don’t know why but their remember me of that wcw team called ‘Kronik’ i think that just because of the way the team looks. Winner: The Ascension (C) Match 4 (5 out of 5) NXT Women’s Title Emma vs. Paige (C) Wow i hadn’t see a good diva’s match like this in a very very very long time, it was a great  battle between two women that know each other ever well. It has that feel you used to have when lita vs trash had match in the early 2000’s. Emma was really good in the ring didn’t let the bubbly personality fore you, see know what see is doing in the ring, some of her submission hold’s were really good, could see here being the daniel byan of the diva?. I love paige anti diva gimmark it work so well she also look really good in the ring , that Scorpion Crosslock paige used to win the match was a great way to finish the match, i didn’t think i have ever see a diva do a submission move like that. i hope they move paige to the main roster soon because i think she will be a great additions to the diva division.  In my review on elimination chamber i said i would love a aj lee vs paige match for the diva title. Winner Paige (C) Match 5  Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze I through it was ok to not have the match due to fact of the Alexander Rusev destroying them both i’m guessing this was to big up Rusev as a monster that can attack anyone at anytime. I think he making this debut at some point in the next coupe of mouths, so i can’t wait to see . I think xavier wood challenge rusev for match next week so that should be good. No Contest Match 6 Ladder Match NXT Championship Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas (5 out of 5)  What a way to end this show with an amazing ladder match for the title. I through both men had a awesome performance, I had that high flaying style that you would expect in a ladder match. So of these moves that Adrain did was unbelievable and the way he jump above Bo when he was climbing the ladder was awesome. The corkscrew shooting star press on the ladder remember me of the days jeff handy did that in tlc matches. No surprise adrian win, i happy with this due to the fact he english and it nice to see people for england doing well.  Winner: New NXT Champion Adrian Neville Final thoughts Overall rating 5 out of 5 What a great show i can’t find any think wrong with it , all the matches were hype right and were good. I like the way their used Stephanie McMahon and Shawn Michael’s to big up the women’s and NXT title’s match, I think after this show i am going the start watching NXT every week if this is what i’m going to see every week. I may do a blog on Monday night raw that is in Chicago but if not will definably do one on next week NXT, if you like this blog please follow me that would be awesome. Stuart