The Subway Live at Lennons Nightclub in Southampton
Unknown 1
The Subway
Time: 19.30
9th May 2014
Line Up:
Flash Fires
 In Dynamics
 The Subways

Hey people haven’t done a blog for a while due to having some much uni work to do but now i’m finish so i through i would share my thoughts on the ‘The Subways’ gig i attend last friday and will also talk about all their bands in the line up and their performances.

First band

Flash Fires

This was a good band to start the gig because of the good sound that their product, I love the lead singers voice it sounding amazing.But it did help with the PA system using a bit of reverb on this vocal to make it sound bigger and it worked perfectly. I believe this band should use more backing vocals in their music because it will take their music to another level.

You should have a listen to this band here their website:

Second Band 

In Dynamics

Another good chosen to play next, they had good vocals in this band i had a feeling of biffy clyro in the vocals and a bit of you me and six in the instrumentation. I love three piece band it rare these days. I can see why they call themselves ‘in dynamic’ because the chance from heavy to clean guitar to very good backing vocal’s in the chorus.

This band has a bright furture and you should check them out the link is below:

Third Band 

The Subways

So the main band of the evening from listening to this band again i forgot how much i love small rock and roll gigs and why i love is band when i was an teenager. Their were on top form playing classic like ‘Oh Yeah’ to ‘Boys and Girls’. Their played two new song that will on the next album i can’t wait. The crowd are up for this gig i think their were the hardcore fan that when to this gig they made it an amazing night .

It was worth the £11.50 i pay for the ticket, i hope i can see them again.

Here an link to their youtube channel if you want to check them out;

I hope you have liked my review of this gig, if you do here my address to my blog

Stuart out