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The Hunting Party


Linkin Park- Until It Gone

LInkin Park- Guilty All The Same

This is a start of a new series of posts about up and coming albums that are being released this summer and today we will start with the one of my favioute band linkin Park.  The success of the last album ‘Living Things'(see link one) the bands has being tries to chance their sound so that every album sound differnet .

From the two songs that have been released, it sound more like their first two albums with more guitars based song with hip hop elemant like ‘Hybrid Theory’ (See link two) and ‘Meteora’ (see link three) was know for.

But anyway guys the new album comes out on  June 13, 2014 you should check it out i know i will.

For new week i will look at Seether new album ‘Isolate and Medicate’ that will be released on July 1st.

So until next time have a great week.

Peace out

Stuart John William Irvine

Link One

 Linkin Park – Living Things (Full Album)

Link two

Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory (Full Album)

LInk Three

Linkin Park – Meteora (Full Album)