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Twin Atlantic – Heart and Soul

Twin Atlantic – I Am A Animal

This is my third post of my seasons of summer release of 2014, so next on my list is the Glasgow based band called ‘Twin Atlantic’. There last albums was awesome in my opinion due to the sound and themes that were being told and how different it was to other band in the genres of music. My favourite songs were ‘Free’ and ‘Edit Me’ and with the next albums i’m hoping for more the same but bigger.

From the two songs they have be released, I think they are on they way to doing that, with the guitar sounding more grounded. But they are only two songs so we just have to wait and see on what the album going to sounds like.

So this album will be released on 18th August 2014.

 So Next week i will look at the new Rise against album called The Black Market’

Peace Out

Stuart John William Irvine

Twin Atlantic Last Album (Free)