Sunken Monkey- Party Scars Album Review

  At first I was surprised when I checked my emails this morning when I got a email from a band called Sunken Monkey from Burnley asking for me to review and ask for opinion on their new album called Party Scars at will be released in october. so I was excited to review a band I havn’t […]

Why i enjoy WWE Theme Songs

CM Punk                                  Stone Cold For around 14 years now I been pro wrestling fan, with the most common used saying when I tell people that I like pro wresling is ‘ you know is fake right’ but to me […]

Angels and Airwaves new album ‘Poet’

  Instagram Teaser video The next album I’m looking at this week is one of my favourite bands ‘Angels and Airwaves’. The bands music has turned more in to an art project then an space rock band and has chanced for their first album ‘ We Don’t Need to Whisper ’. but the last two albums title […]