Angels and Airwaves – We Don’t Need To Whisper Album Review

AVA cover

So today I’m going to start a series of album review on album I own and that are my favourite and has inspired me over the years. So today we start with Angels & Airwaves first album ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper’.

When Tom Delonge leave blink 182 back in 2005, a lot blamed him for the break up and at the time so did I due to being a huge blink 182 fan . Then a mate introduce me to the song called ‘The Adventure’ and I was instantly hooked. Then I listened to the whole album and love every minute of it.

This was due to the delay guitar sound it give a space feel to everything and at the time it blow my mind because I was mainly listening to punk rock back then. The use of synths really created a sound that I’ve haven’t heard from any other band. An example of this was ‘The Gift’ that used all the elemant that I talk about and always give me a good feeling after listening to the song.

The Lyrics are also a big reason for liking this album due to tom using more deeper meaning in these song like relationship and love. He did abit in blink 182 but in my opinion these were the best lyrics he has even done. An example of this are in ‘The Adventure’, The Gift and Start the Machine. If you don’t believe me listen to the lyrics in these songs they are unreal, my favioute would be the bridge of start the machine I always look forward to listen to that part of the song.

The production of this album was amazing in my opinion for a guy that was an performer not a producer and from personal experience it hard to do both but the additional to help from critter really made the album sound compete. Also watching the dvd about the making this album it will made you enjoy this album so much more . If I was going to give this album any rating I would give it a 9 out of 10 because this is an album that means so much to me and was one of the reason I like the music I like today. It also helps with motivation me into writing music.

 I hope you enjoyed this look at this album and my next post will be about the album that got me in to green day the famous ‘American Idiot’

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Stuart John William Irvine


Fozzy Do You Want To Start A War Album Review


Has looked forward to this album for months due to the song ‘Light Go Out’ but when i listen to the whole album I was surprice how good it really. I never really been a big fozzy fan but has really chanced my mind on the band and has really turned me into a fan.

I found the guitar melody’s very instresting guitar melody it really added to the main riffs that were being played in most of the songs mainly ‘Witchery’ and ‘No Good Way’s really add to the whole guitar feel of this album. The choruses on this album really got to me in a way that it got stuck in my head

You start humming the lyrics without even knowing it, an example of this was in the chorus of bad tattoo it was very cattily, I can’t normal say that when it comes to fozzy so I’m really inpressed. Chris Jerchico voice’s have always been a problem for me when it come to fozzy sound due to him not having the right note range that is needed when it come to fozzy heavy metal sound.

But it this album he has stepped up this game with his vocal performance’s and with the added harmony vocal of michael starr and christie cook on songs ‘tonite and unstoppable it really helps show off how good a singer chris really is. On a side note I was surprice when I heard a cover of the ABBA song ‘SOS’ that was abit weird but sounded really good and the chours was really cool as well.

But as a whole if I was going to give this album a score I would get 8 out of 10 due to all the song is really good and soild and they have upped their game when it comes to musician arranged, the catchy choruses and great vocal harmony really add to the album as a whole.

I hope you enjoy this review if you want to find out more about the band here a link to their website:

Fozzy Website

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Stuart Irvine

Sunken Monkey- Party Scars Album Review



At first I was surprised when I checked my emails this morning when I got a email from a band called Sunken Monkey from Burnley asking for me to review and ask for opinion on their new album called Party Scars at will be released in october.

so I was excited to review a band I havn’t heard before so here my thoughts of their upcoming album. I really enjoy this album it had elements of old punk rock music but with a new twist on the classic genre.

The main reason this album inpressed me was the catchly guitar riff that are happening throughout this album. The ‘Don’t Dodge A Game Dares’ and ‘Party Scars riffs stand out for me and would sound awesome live I think. There are parts of the album that have a metal element to them that you could head bang too and if you saw them live it would be awesome big moss pit happening.

The singing style and lyrics was also a main reason I really enjoy this album due to it brought me back to my teenage years and remain me why I liked punk so much.

Don’t Dodge A Game Dares had a cool thing with some of the singing at times sounded like bad religion and rise against that was really cool because I’m a big fan of both bands. The lyrics had a very personal touch to it ,not in a pop way but in a way that you could believe the band members have gone thoughts this type of events.

If their was anything bad I could say about this album is the bass needed to have more pressure in the track i think and the vocal at time didn’t feel like they belong in some of the songs but overall a solid album a great effect by these guys.

My final thoughts is If you are in to old school punk then this album is for you when it come out on october 6th 2014. I hope you enjoy my review i will be back soon with my album review.

Written By Stuart Irvine

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Rise Against – The Black Market Review Written By Stuart Irvine


When I first heard that rise against was releasing a new album I was exited due to being a big rise against fan and as I am seeing them in november i was looking forward hearing new material. At first the single didn’t impress me but when a got the new album I enjoy it a lot but in today article i want to look more into the album itself through the lyrics and production.


The lyrics really make this album due to the fact that it more straight to the point then in the previous album, a great example is the song ‘A Beautful Indifference’ with the pre chours line;

‘Cause there is hate and there is love and there is loss,

But there is light and there is dark, then there is us’.

I love these lyrics because of the way that each word works well together and it make for a touching line and feels personal and this is new ground for tim mcilrath and rise againist I wish they can write more lyrics this way.


The mix and produced is really good and bill steveson and jason livermore that done a good job it sound so big and awesome. The drums sound good if their was anything I could nit pick is that it too product and it doesn’t sound real and over compressed.

But It works and I think that just my personal preference, and after finishing my music production course at uni I think i’m starting to look into album too much.

Final thoughts

If I was give this a score I would give it a 7 out of 10 because it not their best album but it on that level of end games and that was an soild album. If you are a big rise against fan like myself I think you should buy this album because it got everything you love about the band but if your not a big fan of them this album wouldn’t chance your mind.

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Why i enjoy WWE Theme Songs

CM punk

stone cold

CM Punk                                  Stone Cold

For around 14 years now I been pro wrestling fan, with the most common used saying when I tell people that I like pro wresling is ‘ you know is fake right’ but to me I like wrestling more then just the ‘the wrestling’, it the theme’s that is play when the wresling coming out.

From hearing if you smell what the rock is cooking to the wyatts theme chosen of theme is information and for me sometimes is one of the may reasons why I like some wrestlers. With one day wanting to write a wrestling theme’s I looked in who was behind this theme that I like so much.

WWE somethings pay copyright money to some artist for use of their songs but only if the wrestling getting a push or if the song fits the characters personality, but most of the time what we hear is produced or writed by jim johnston who has been writing and producing for wwe for the last 30 years and as created the most icon theme form stone cold to mr mcmahon no chance in hell.

He was also score the music for the The Chaperone, That’s What I Am and The Reunion. He play all instrument hear on the theme and and only bring in singer and additional musician help out. With the theme being no more then an minutes and half, the songs can be short and repeated simpler to hip hop backing track.

They have to be catchly a then great example of this is the Fandango theme when played the crowd start singing the tune because it that catchy. But the main reason why i love wwe theme music is because of the way it makes you feel, like when you hear stone cold steve austin music you feel like an badass and when CM Punks music plays you feel like you going against the Anthony and the reaction you get when hearing this theme is they main reason why i enjoy listening to Wrestling Theme’s

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Stuart John William Irvine

Former Lost Prophets members start a new project called ‘No Devotion’

Unknown 12

Brief History

After the lead singer Ian Watkins was charged with thirteen sexual offences against children sentenced to 29 years in jail. With the remaining band members unable to play music under the name a new band name was born called ‘No Devotion’.

The ex-thursday frontman Geoff Rickly joins the project through using his ladel and will sing lead on the bands small tour. If you like the lostprophets or My Chemical Romance last album then these songs are for you.

No Devotion – Stay

A No Devotion – Eyeshadow

Angels and Airwaves new album ‘Poet’



Instagram Teaser video

The next album I’m looking at this week is one of my favourite bands ‘Angels and Airwaves’. The bands music has turned more in to an art project then an space rock band and has chanced for their first album ‘ We Don’t Need to Whisper ’.

but the last two albums title love part one and two were really good it the sence of the mix of synths and delay guitars and the way that the songs can used on films. But the band is in basking on a new film called ‘poet’ and with a new film means an new album. As stated in articte on ‘’ it stated why the film will be able;

as POETseems to lean on a huge futuristic world featuring our favorite umbrella wielding, clean-cut, and bowler hat wearing little friend, Anderson (if that’s still the character’s name).

But we know more about the film then the music,It that regrind we have only got a tease video that tom delouge posted on is instagram a courpe of months ago. But it looks like we have to wait until 31th october 2014 for the album release. So this end’s the season i hope you have enjoyed reading these posts.

So my next post i talk about one of my favorite musician ‘billy joe armstrong’

So peace out

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