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The next album I’m looking at this week is one of my favourite bands ‘Angels and Airwaves’. The bands music has turned more in to an art project then an space rock band and has chanced for their first album ‘ We Don’t Need to Whisper ’.

but the last two albums title love part one and two were really good it the sence of the mix of synths and delay guitars and the way that the songs can used on films. But the band is in basking on a new film called ‘poet’ and with a new film means an new album. As stated in articte on ‘blastoutyourstereo.com’ it stated why the film will be able;

as POETseems to lean on a huge futuristic world featuring our favorite umbrella wielding, clean-cut, and bowler hat wearing little friend, Anderson (if that’s still the character’s name).

But we know more about the film then the music,It that regrind we have only got a tease video that tom delouge posted on is instagram a courpe of months ago. But it looks like we have to wait until 31th october 2014 for the album release. So this end’s the season i hope you have enjoyed reading these posts.

So my next post i talk about one of my favorite musician ‘billy joe armstrong’

So peace out

Stuart John William Irvine


Love (Film)