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CM Punk                                  Stone Cold

For around 14 years now I been pro wrestling fan, with the most common used saying when I tell people that I like pro wresling is ‘ you know is fake right’ but to me I like wrestling more then just the ‘the wrestling’, it the theme’s that is play when the wresling coming out.

From hearing if you smell what the rock is cooking to the wyatts theme chosen of theme is information and for me sometimes is one of the may reasons why I like some wrestlers. With one day wanting to write a wrestling theme’s I looked in who was behind this theme that I like so much.

WWE somethings pay copyright money to some artist for use of their songs but only if the wrestling getting a push or if the song fits the characters personality, but most of the time what we hear is produced or writed by jim johnston who has been writing and producing for wwe for the last 30 years and as created the most icon theme form stone cold to mr mcmahon no chance in hell.

He was also score the music for the The Chaperone, That’s What I Am and The Reunion. He play all instrument hear on the theme and and only bring in singer and additional musician help out. With the theme being no more then an minutes and half, the songs can be short and repeated simpler to hip hop backing track.

They have to be catchly a then great example of this is the Fandango theme when played the crowd start singing the tune because it that catchy. But the main reason why i love wwe theme music is because of the way it makes you feel, like when you hear stone cold steve austin music you feel like an badass and when CM Punks music plays you feel like you going against the Anthony and the reaction you get when hearing this theme is they main reason why i enjoy listening to Wrestling Theme’s

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Stuart John William Irvine