When I first heard that rise against was releasing a new album I was exited due to being a big rise against fan and as I am seeing them in november i was looking forward hearing new material. At first the single didn’t impress me but when a got the new album I enjoy it a lot but in today article i want to look more into the album itself through the lyrics and production.


The lyrics really make this album due to the fact that it more straight to the point then in the previous album, a great example is the song ‘A Beautful Indifference’ with the pre chours line;

‘Cause there is hate and there is love and there is loss,

But there is light and there is dark, then there is us’.

I love these lyrics because of the way that each word works well together and it make for a touching line and feels personal and this is new ground for tim mcilrath and rise againist I wish they can write more lyrics this way.


The mix and produced is really good and bill steveson and jason livermore that done a good job it sound so big and awesome. The drums sound good if their was anything I could nit pick is that it too product and it doesn’t sound real and over compressed.

But It works and I think that just my personal preference, and after finishing my music production course at uni I think i’m starting to look into album too much.

Final thoughts

If I was give this a score I would give it a 7 out of 10 because it not their best album but it on that level of end games and that was an soild album. If you are a big rise against fan like myself I think you should buy this album because it got everything you love about the band but if your not a big fan of them this album wouldn’t chance your mind.

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