At first I was surprised when I checked my emails this morning when I got a email from a band called Sunken Monkey from Burnley asking for me to review and ask for opinion on their new album called Party Scars at will be released in october.

so I was excited to review a band I havn’t heard before so here my thoughts of their upcoming album. I really enjoy this album it had elements of old punk rock music but with a new twist on the classic genre.

The main reason this album inpressed me was the catchly guitar riff that are happening throughout this album. The ‘Don’t Dodge A Game Dares’ and ‘Party Scars riffs stand out for me and would sound awesome live I think. There are parts of the album that have a metal element to them that you could head bang too and if you saw them live it would be awesome big moss pit happening.

The singing style and lyrics was also a main reason I really enjoy this album due to it brought me back to my teenage years and remain me why I liked punk so much.

Don’t Dodge A Game Dares had a cool thing with some of the singing at times sounded like bad religion and rise against that was really cool because I’m a big fan of both bands. The lyrics had a very personal touch to it ,not in a pop way but in a way that you could believe the band members have gone thoughts this type of events.

If their was anything bad I could say about this album is the bass needed to have more pressure in the track i think and the vocal at time didn’t feel like they belong in some of the songs but overall a solid album a great effect by these guys.

My final thoughts is If you are in to old school punk then this album is for you when it come out on october 6th 2014. I hope you enjoy my review i will be back soon with my album review.

Written By Stuart Irvine

If you want to know more about the band then here a link to their Facebook, band camp and twitter accounts: