Has looked forward to this album for months due to the song ‘Light Go Out’ but when i listen to the whole album I was surprice how good it really. I never really been a big fozzy fan but has really chanced my mind on the band and has really turned me into a fan.

I found the guitar melody’s very instresting guitar melody it really added to the main riffs that were being played in most of the songs mainly ‘Witchery’ and ‘No Good Way’s really add to the whole guitar feel of this album. The choruses on this album really got to me in a way that it got stuck in my head

You start humming the lyrics without even knowing it, an example of this was in the chorus of bad tattoo it was very cattily, I can’t normal say that when it comes to fozzy so I’m really inpressed. Chris Jerchico voice’s have always been a problem for me when it come to fozzy sound due to him not having the right note range that is needed when it come to fozzy heavy metal sound.

But it this album he has stepped up this game with his vocal performance’s and with the added harmony vocal of michael starr and christie cook on songs ‘tonite and unstoppable it really helps show off how good a singer chris really is. On a side note I was surprice when I heard a cover of the ABBA song ‘SOS’ that was abit weird but sounded really good and the chours was really cool as well.

But as a whole if I was going to give this album a score I would get 8 out of 10 due to all the song is really good and soild and they have upped their game when it comes to musician arranged, the catchy choruses and great vocal harmony really add to the album as a whole.

I hope you enjoy this review if you want to find out more about the band here a link to their website:

Fozzy Website


Written By

Stuart Irvine