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So today I’m going to start a series of album review on album I own and that are my favourite and has inspired me over the years. So today we start with Angels & Airwaves first album ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper’.

When Tom Delonge leave blink 182 back in 2005, a lot blamed him for the break up and at the time so did I due to being a huge blink 182 fan . Then a mate introduce me to the song called ‘The Adventure’ and I was instantly hooked. Then I listened to the whole album and love every minute of it.

This was due to the delay guitar sound it give a space feel to everything and at the time it blow my mind because I was mainly listening to punk rock back then. The use of synths really created a sound that I’ve haven’t heard from any other band. An example of this was ‘The Gift’ that used all the elemant that I talk about and always give me a good feeling after listening to the song.

The Lyrics are also a big reason for liking this album due to tom using more deeper meaning in these song like relationship and love. He did abit in blink 182 but in my opinion these were the best lyrics he has even done. An example of this are in ‘The Adventure’, The Gift and Start the Machine. If you don’t believe me listen to the lyrics in these songs they are unreal, my favioute would be the bridge of start the machine I always look forward to listen to that part of the song.

The production of this album was amazing in my opinion for a guy that was an performer not a producer and from personal experience it hard to do both but the additional to help from critter really made the album sound compete. Also watching the dvd about the making this album it will made you enjoy this album so much more . If I was going to give this album any rating I would give it a 9 out of 10 because this is an album that means so much to me and was one of the reason I like the music I like today. It also helps with motivation me into writing music.

 I hope you enjoyed this look at this album and my next post will be about the album that got me in to green day the famous ‘American Idiot’

Written By

Stuart John William Irvine