My Favourite songs of the week

This week has a busy with listening to music for up and coming project i’m involved in with a old friend from college. The list have music for punk rock to pop, so that get this list started;

Greetings from California – The Madden Brothers (albums)

From the brothers from good charlotte comes a side project to exploder different style of music. The album as two sides this decried the different from the two;

The first filled with upbeat, sunny pop rock produced by their long-time collaborator Eric Valentine, who also produced Good Charlotte’s The Young and the Hopeless and The Chronicles of Life and Death. Side two is produced by Joe Chiccarelli, wherein “the Maddens’ radiant sibling harmonies are again front and center on songs like ‘California Rain’ and ‘Brother,’ but the music is more earthy, with a warm blend of folk, southern rock, and ’70s-era FM pop. (wikipedia, 2014) 

You should really check this ablum if your a good charlotte fan because it shows a different side of the maddens brothers. Here a link to the album;

Greetings from California – The Madden Brothers (albums)

Yellowcard – Make Me So (song)

Another single released by yellowcard from their coming album ‘Lift A Sail’. I’m liking this song a lot a bit disappointed their not more violin playing because i think this makes the band stand out , but it worth checking out;

Yellowcard – Make Me So (song)

Owl city – Ultraviolet (EP)

I found this EP from Owl city that is part of  series of EPs” and really like that it sounds like more like his old stuff and every song sound really good and you should really check out this ep .

Owl city – Ultraviolet (EP)

So that my songs for the week and will be back next week with more songs to check out until then enjoy your week.

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Stuart Irvine




40th Ryder Cup Results











Day One Result (Friday 26th September 2014)

Foursomes and Fourballs

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 16.55.42










Score after day one was Europe 5 to USA’s 3

Day Two Results (Saturday 27th September 2014)

Foursomes and Fourballs

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 17.03.50










Score after day two was Europe 10 to 6

Day Three Result (Sunday 28th September 2014)


Final Score after day three Europe win 16½ points to USA 11½ points

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 17.58.24


Final Thought on Ryder Cup 

What a ryder cup it has been i not a big golf fan but i love the Ryder cup their has been some great shot and great performances by both USA and Europe. But europe retain the ryder cup and can’t wait for 2016 where it all start again.

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Stuart Irvine


40th Ryder Cup Summary



Date: 26th- 28th September 2014

Venue: Gleneagles Hotel PGA Centenary Course

Location: Auchterader, Perthshire, Scotland

Today i doing something a little different, and with the ryder cup starting this Friday I want to do a quick summany telling you how the ryder cup works, who involded and the previous winners.

This is a one off article but returning to music related article next time. But until then i hope this help you better understand how the ryder cup works

How the ryder cup work

So how does the ryder cup work. It uses consists of multiple formats including 8 foursome matches, 8 fourball matches, and 12 single matches – all played over 18 holes. The winner of each match will score a point for their team and a half point for any match that results in a tie after the 18 holes

With a total of 28 points available, 14½ points are required to win the Ryder Cup, and 14 points are required for the defending champion to retain it.

Day One (Friday 26th September 2014)

  • 4 fourball matches in the morning
  • Another 4 fourball matches in the afternoon

Day Two (Saturday 27th September 2014)

  • 4 fourball matches in the morning
  • Remaining 4 fourball matches in the afternoon

Day Three (Sunday 28th September 2014)

  • 12 singles matches

Ryder Cup Line Up

The USA team captain: Tom Watson

The Europe team captain: Paul McGinley










 Past 10 ryder cup winners

39th Ryder Cup (2012)

Europe won 14½ to USA 13½

38th Ryder Cup (2010)

Europe won 14½  to USA 13½

37th Ryder Cup (2008)

USA won 16½  to Europe 11½

36th Ryder Cup (2006)

Europe won 18½ points to USA 9½ points

35th Ryder Cup (2004)

Europe won 18½ points to USA 9½ points

34th Ryder Cup (2002)

Europe won 15½ points to USA 12½ points

33th Ryder Cup (1999)

USA won 14½ points to Europe 13½ points

32rd Ryder Cup (1997)

Europe won 14½ points to USA 13½ points

31st Ryder Cup  (1995)

Europe won 14½ points to USA 13½ points

29th Ryder Cup (1993)

USA won 15 points to Europe 13 points

This is a one off article but returning to music related article next time. But until then i hope this help you better understand how the ryder cup works

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Stuart Irvine



My favorite songs of the week

Hi Everyone sorry for the lack of articles this past month but has been busy doing other project. But this will start a series of articles that i hope will be weekly thing. It will describe songs, albums or anything music related I believe people should check out:

Fall Out Boy- Centuries

It their first song to be released after the success of their last album ‘save rock and roll’. It has very similer to their last album but feels bigger and the band plan a early 2015 released of their new album.

Here are links to the song centuries and a interview the band had with zane lowe on radio one:

Fall out boy- centuries 

Zane Lowe interview with fall out boy

Lonely the Brave – Backroads

The Cambridge based band debut with this great song from ‘The Day’s War’ that people really should check out. The big sounding choruses and great use of reverb make them a band to watch.

Lonely the Brave – Backroads

Yellowcard – Transmission Home

This is yellowcard second single that has been released from their new album Lift A Sail that will be out on october 7. Transmission home has a slower pace then any other yellowcard song has every done. But if you like yellowcard like i do check out this song and album.

Yellowcard – Transmission Home

I hope you enjoy these songs has must as i have, so next week will talk about more albums or songs but until then have a great weeks

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Stuart Irvine


A look at Brighton Dio Royal Blood.


Hey guys sorry haven’t posted anything for a while has been really busy doing other project. But today i just going to give you a short overview of this new up and coming band from brighton if you haven’t heard of them already they are royal blood. They are a two piece band that has just released their debut  album called ‘Royal Blood’.

The band was formed in 2013 in worthing and have supporting Arctic Monkeys and has been nominated for the BBC Sound of 2014. The album has been given great reviews from people and has commented like ‘A light, shade and careful nuance throughout” and “turbo-bastard of a rock record” . Stephen Ackroyd from NME has quoted as saying;

For what feels like eons, anyone with more than a passing interest in rock music – proper rock music – has not-so-quietly been praying for a saviour. A homegrown concern who might have a chance of punching through to prove that Britain can still raise hell. Their faith is rewarded, Royal Blood will save us all.

So if you have time you should check out royal blood their will be a link so you can listen to their new album. But until next time enjoy your week and will be back with my album review on green day american idiot as soon as possible.

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Stuart Irvine