After months with video tenser on instagram we finally get a new song from angels and airwaves from their new album that we now know is called ‘the dream walker’ and the song called ‘paralyzed’.

So the song started with a live band session of the song that is something different. It wasn’t what I was expanding but it a nice change, I thought it was to long for my liking.

Then the main riff kicks in my first thought were it has an I empire feel to it but with the guitar having more lead then synths that I’ve  missed form Angels and airwaves music. The verse sound good but tom’s voice feel losted with the other instrument, but that could be with the verison that I have heard.

Also the chours riff sounds a lot like ‘ghost on the dancefloor’ by blink 182 but slower that sums up tom riffs these days this could be because of him trying to balance blink 182 and angels and airwaves projects.

But it a solid song overall and it set up the sound and feel that the band is going for with their up and coming album. One or two small things put the song down in my opinion, that hope we get one more song before the album is released on october 31st 2014

Here a Link to the song;

Written By

Stuart Irvine