So as being a huge angels and airwaves for years now i was always going to check out this trailer for the short animator film called ‘Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker’ because of it being the created by Tom DeLonge. But wow the film looks amazing and has a mixed between old Pokemon with CG and the dark tone of the pixel film ‘coraline’.

I like that the film idea feels so original that is that hard to do these days but anyway the Film is about:

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker follows Poet, a Lucid Dreamer, with the rare ability to be aware of his dreams while they’re happening. As Poet journeys deeper into his vivid dream life, he meets his Dream Walker, a guardian angel of dreams, who protects him from the torment of a vicious Night Terror monster.  But when his nightmares break through into his waking life, Poet must face his demons to fulfill his destiny’. ( 2014)

After watching this trailer i feel gutted that i wouldn’t be about to watch this film in the cinema as it being released in the USA and not in the UK, but at least i get the ‘The Dream Walker’ album new week that should more then make up for it after getting a teaser of another song in the trailer as well and it sound really good and works with the trailer.

But will  be back with my thoughts on the avengers age of ultron trailer and the new angels and airwaves song ‘Wolfpack, but until then have a great weekend

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker Trailer 

Written By

Stuart Irvine