Released Date:

27th October 2014

Band Member:


  1. Ghost In The Mirror
  2. Getaway
  3. Drying To Survive
  4. Shout At The Moon
  5. Fire
  6. When Are We Waking Up
  7.  She Took Him to the Lake
  8. Heart & Desire
  9. Lonely Hours
  10. The Remedy
  11. Dare You

My Thoughts

After two year away, mallory knox are back with the much awaiting asymmetry album. After hearding the single ‘Ghost In the Mirror’ on kerrang TV i knew I had to listen to this album and  I wasn’t disappointed . As everyone knows the second album is very important when being a new band as it can make or break you, and this album really is going to make them as a band. ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ and ‘ Shout at the moon’ are great anthems track and shows the feel and energy of the album and what the band is all about .

Great sounding guitar and powerful melodies really show in songs like ‘dare you’ and ‘fire’. But the band shows diversity and chilled out side in ‘She Took Him To The Lake’. Mikey Chapman voice performances was amazing and shows range and has one of them voice that work really well with good backing vocal showned in the songs ‘Getaway’, Desire and ‘Lonely Hours

This albums is so good and should be check out and if your a fan of Deaf Havana and Young Guns this is an album for you, you should take a look at songs like Ghost In The Mirror  and ‘She Took Him To The Lake’ because they are song that stand out.

Written By

Stuart Irvine