My Thoughts on Angels & Airwaves new song ‘The Wolfpack’












So after we got the ‘Paralyzed’  early this month, angels and airwaves have released another song called ‘The Wolfpack’ from their new album ‘The Dream Walker’. So the song kicks starts with a awesome sounding bassline with synths supporting it and create a really nice sound that is something different from angels and airwaves songs one the past and I like that .

The lyrics and voice performances in this song isn’t anything different for tom delouge and that no surprice and at times I through the verse were too long then they should be, the chours was good and also very catchy with the lines:

It’s alright, a bit scathed, a bit lost
I’ve been played, I ain’t that clever
A city boy that can never say never
I got the life but that girl bites like a wolf  (MetroLyrics, 2014)

But I like the song i give it a 7 out of 10 I think it better then ‘Paralyzed’ and it show the band new sound off better. Im sorry guys that i got the date wrong for the album released it looks like the album coming out the same time  as the film on december 9th but it not long now.

We also got the track list from the new album as well and has some interesting titles and can’t wait to hear what their sound like in december.


Written By

Stuart Irvine


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