Emilys+Army 2

So this sunday i will be attending a gig in southampton to watch rise against and will be doing a review as well. But i thought it will be cool to have a look at the band that are going to support the rise against so today i will look at the band that coming from Oakland, California a pop punk band called Emily’s Army.

The band members have known each other for most of their lives then Max, Cole, and Joey formed the band in 2004 named Raining Souls. The name didn’t stick then Max and Cole’s 15-year-old cousin Emily was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in 1998 and has suffered from the disease her entire life.

In tribute their adopted the name Emily’s Army. Then in 2010 their debut’s their first album called “Don’t Be a Dick”. It was Influenced by the rich East Bay music scene, dealing in cautionary tales, politics, and the pressures of adolescence. They have released ‘Lost in seventeen’ and this year has released a four song EP called ‘Swim’.

Band member:

  • Cole Becker – Guitar
    Max Becker – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
    Joseph Armstrong – Drumset


Songs to listen too:

  1. Aliens Landing
  2. Ammonia and Bleach
  3. High Wasted Shorts
  4. Lost at 17
  5. You Bit Me
  6. Broadcast This
  7. Part Time Burn
  8. Loch Lomond
  9. War
  10. Gubermensch


  • Don’t Be a Dick (2011)
  • Lost In Seventeen (2013)
  • Swim EP (2014)