Taylor Swift’s removes back catalogue from Spotify










So the big news coming out this week is that taylor swift has removed all her back catalogue from spotify due to the fact that she believes that musicians should not “undervalue their art” by letting fans listen to their songs for free. i can see where she is coming from, due to the fact that the music industry has changes from the days when the only income from your music was from records sales, merchandise and ticket sales. Also spotfily only gives artist 7p per play of song.

This move comes off after her latest album called 1989 and is on course to sell more than 1.3m copies, breaking the record for the biggest-ever album weekly sales by a female artist. But in my opinion the reasons that taylor swifts are giving, i think this is pure greedy and this move will disappoint her fans that no longer will be able to listen to her music with one twitted follower saying:”Why is Taylor Swift removing all of her music from Spotify? It’s not exactly hurting her album sales obviously…So greedy.”  

But what your thought do you think taylor swift is doing the right thing with removing her music from spotify let me know what you think in the comments below .

Written By

Stuart Irvine




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