My Top 5 Albums of 2014

So with 2014 is almost over and what a year in has been for the industry of music and with me being a huge lover of music as you have noticed by now with reading this blog. So I thought i would put my top 5 albums of 2014 and and also got my mate tim brooks top 5 as well to make it more interesting so that get this list started:

My Top 5 album of 2014

  1. The Madden Brothers – Greetings From California








2.  Lower Than Atlantis – Self Titled








3. Coldplay- Ghost Stories








4. Angels and Airwaves – The Dream Walker








5. Take That – III








Tim Brooks Top 5 Album’s of 2014:

  1.  George Ezera- Wanted on Voyage








   2.     Pharrell Williams – G.I.R.L








3.    Coldplay – Ghost Stories








4.   American Authors – Oh, What A Life








5.   Lower Than Atlantis – Self Titled








Well let me know what you think of me and tim’s choose’s and tell us what your favourite albums of 2014. You can follow me on twitter @Stuartirvine91 and check out my linkedin and Facebook pages you can find on my intro page of this blog. But what a great year it has been and i hope everyone has a great new year and see you in 2015.


2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame officially announced next year’s inductees.


So we know who is going into next years rock and roll hall of fame with Lou ReedGreen DayStevie Ray Vaughan, Double Trouble, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Bill Withers and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band will all join the class of 2015. The ceremony will take place on April 18th in Cleveland.

Groups and act’s like Nine Inch Nails, The Smiths, Kraftwerk, N.W.A., Chic, and Sting all miss in the 2015 class and will all have to wait celebrated in Ohio’s hallowed hall. But Green day at the first attempt as got in to the rock and roll hall of fame with their 1989 LP 1000 Hours. Billy joe Armstrong with an interview with he said the simply couldn’t believe their nomination: “We’re all in a surreal state right now.”

But it should be great night for all lovers of rock and roll hopefully their show it in the uk maybe it will be shown in the sky art channel but we will just have to wait and see.

Written by

Stuart Irvine (Twitter: @stuartirvine91)

Angels and Airwaves – The Dream Walker Review










Release Date: 9th December 2014

Band Member:


  1. Teenagers & Rituals
  2. Paralyzed
  3. The Wolfpack
  4. Tunnels
  5. Kiss with a Spell
  6. Mercenaries
  7. Bullets in the Wind
  8. The Disease
  9. Tremors
  10. Anomaly

My Thoughts 

So it finally here after months and months of waiting for this album to be released it finally here and we wouldn’t disappointed with the album sound that i didn’t expect. The band sound at time do sound very similar and an example of this was in love part two with much of the songs sounding the same and having long unnecessary intro that sound really big and epic but make the song longer then it needs to be. I don’t mind that because that the reason i like the band but when you hear the same thing in the last three albums you want something different.

If you play this album to someone they wouldn’t know it a song from tom delonge with the band cutting down on the synth and the length of the songs and made it simple really change the whole sound of the band. The prefect example really is in song ‘Teenagers & Rituals’ with the intro being like 2o seconds and not a minutes which is a nice changes. The bass has a bigger role in the songs an example is in ‘The wolfpack’ that at first listen didn’t really like but after a couple of listens it grows on you.

The Lyrics on the other hand i think is this best work toms done since he did blink 182 self tited and angels and airwaves first album. The lyrics felled more personal due to his death of his father. Ilian Rusian helped chance how toms write music with his new way of songwriting. I think it helps him focus on this vocal and lyrics but he has improve since 2011.

Overall Thoughs (8 out of 10)

It give this album an 8 out of 10 due to angels and airwaves going in the new direction with their sound but still having the characteristics that made the band what it is. It may add new fans but i think people who haven’t like the band before this album wouldn’t change their mind but if you are a fan like me you will love this album. Is it the album of the year well no, but it up their in my top 5 of 2014 but can’t wait to see how it works in the short film and i hope i can see that some point

So that my thought on this album i will be back with my top 5 albums of this year so until then i hope you guys and girls have a great christmas and new year and bring on 2015.

Written By

Stuart Irvine (Twitter: @StuartIrvine91)

My thoughts of Angels & Airwaves new song Tunnels










So a week before the highly attickpented new album by angels and airwaves their have release one more song called tunnel so  that get this reaction under way.

So the song starts with a cool background synth melody with a big sounding kick drum going off with Tom DeLonge singing. It works because it show he has ranges also it calm the mood that I’ve been impressive how the song goes that and how all the songs released so far sound different that i like. The high point of this song is the second verse for me because their some really cool backing vocal’s that good with the main vocal this is new for angels and airwaves because it more about instrumant then the vocal but in a nice change and it works well.

One thing that tunnels show is that Ilan Rubin has change the sound and songwriting process in the band and it show it this track. The lyrics sound like they have had thought put in to them not like I’m saiding that tom never put thought in his songs but it feels more personal I think it about the death of is father but I maybe wrong.At time the song has to many breaks that stop the monument but a really good song overall.

I give this song a 8 out of 10 due with great lyrics and good build up to the chours. The chours sound great and is the best released by far but not long now until the new album coming out and i can’t wait and you will get a review of that album on my blog so stay tune.

But have a great weekend everyone and see you guys soon.

Written by

Stuart Irvine (Twitter: @StuartIrvine91)