So a week before the highly attickpented new album by angels and airwaves their have release one more song called tunnel so  that get this reaction under way.

So the song starts with a cool background synth melody with a big sounding kick drum going off with Tom DeLonge singing. It works because it show he has ranges also it calm the mood that I’ve been impressive how the song goes that and how all the songs released so far sound different that i like. The high point of this song is the second verse for me because their some really cool backing vocal’s that good with the main vocal this is new for angels and airwaves because it more about instrumant then the vocal but in a nice change and it works well.

One thing that tunnels show is that Ilan Rubin has change the sound and songwriting process in the band and it show it this track. The lyrics sound like they have had thought put in to them not like I’m saiding that tom never put thought in his songs but it feels more personal I think it about the death of is father but I maybe wrong.At time the song has to many breaks that stop the monument but a really good song overall.

I give this song a 8 out of 10 due with great lyrics and good build up to the chours. The chours sound great and is the best released by far but not long now until the new album coming out and i can’t wait and you will get a review of that album on my blog so stay tune.

But have a great weekend everyone and see you guys soon.

Written by

Stuart Irvine (Twitter: @StuartIrvine91)