So todays i look at Enter Shikari latest release ‘The Mindsweep’ and with their last album doing so well and their popularly on the rise, will ‘The Mindsweep’ be as successfully or will it not life up to the standard that the last album set we will see in my latest album review. 98801

My Thoughts 

With this being their forth studio album by the band from St Albans and for the last 12 years been an in your face post hardcore band with the use of a bit of trance, and used this to put a politic message had has served them well in the past and this album is no different.

Songs like The Appeal & The Mindsweep, Anasthetist, The Last Garrison and The Bank of England stand out for me and work well with the message the band is trying to get across. With Anasthetist about the NHS and The Last Garrison about war it works well with the mix of the hardcore heavy guitar and trance sound that has worked in the past and still works here.

With Rou Reynolds in your face lyrics and vocal put across strong feeling and views of today social problems. The only problem that i have with this album that disappoint me a bit is that the politic message got lost with all the crazy heavy guitar and trance but it nice to see a band bring up these problem even if they do get lost in this album.

Final Thoughts (7.5/10)

With Enter Shikari, I’ve never really been a big fan, but listening to his album as changed my mind a bit because I really enjoy this album with the mix of the trance and heavy guitar sounds and good message though out the record make it an album you should really check out.

But with the message being unclear i feel that some people may not get what the album is trying to get across. But worth having a listen I hoped you have enjoyed my review and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, as well as contacting me on the following links:


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Written by Stuart Irvine (@stuartirvine91)