I’m back with my first album review of 2015 were I put my thoughts on fall out boy new album ‘Americam Beauty/American Psycho’ and after the huge success of their last album could the boys from Wilmette, Illinois build on the that success of the last album or will it not live up to the hype we will see.


My Thoughts 

When Fall Out Boys made their return back in 2013 I had mix feeling with not been I huge fan of their pervious work but with ‘Save Rock and Roll’ I feel in love with the new sound they  created with the help of producer ‘Butch Walker’.  The drums sound big and awesome and with Patrick Stump improved vocals have turned me into a fan over night.

With their latest release it more of the same when it comes to their sounds, but with the boys choosing more samples than live sounds like drums. With the sample adding something new with songs like Uma Thurman and irresistible with both having a feeling of hip hop that works in my opinion.

Fall Out Boy trying take on pop rock mainstream with this album with trying new ideas to appeal to a wider audience and I think these album does that. I personal miss the big not simple drum sounds due to that being my favourite part of the last album and with guitar getting lost in most of the songs it a missed opportunity to make album sound even bigger .

Patrick stump vocals are really good as always but with this albums there wasn’t anything new with his vocal performance that I’m disappointed with because I feel that Patrick vocal could do more than what he is singing that the moment but that maybe just me. But with most of the songs being catchy as hell and could be played it clubs like songs like Centuries and Novocaine i feel a lot of people will like this album.

Final Thoughts: (7/10)

But your enjoyed of this album will be down to what you are expectations was when listening to this album if you look at it by it self it a good solid pop album that could only help build the band success, but if you look at their other albums then it not their best. But i personal I like the album and can be play on you iPod with getting sick of it and if you like Fall Out Boy last album then this is worth a listen.

I will be back with my reviews of both Enter Shikari and Mark Honson new album and much more music related contend but until then hope everyone has great week.

Written By

Stuart Irvine (Twitter:@StuartIrvine91)