Album Review: Gaunt Story – Nothing Holds You Like A Song

So today I’m going to look at the Gaunt Story third album called ‘ Nothing Holds You Like A Song’ after getting a nice surprising email in my inbox to review this album that i happy to do. Will I enjoy this album or not, read on to find out more. artworks-000106956296-qt0s4q-t500x500

My Thoughts 

After getting an email back in July asking for an album review from a band called Sunken Monkey,i got another one but from a label called ‘Leise Laute’ asking to review Gaunt Story third album called ‘Nothing Holds Like A Song’. As it their first on their label, I was happy to help. But when going into listening to this album  i don’t know what to expect due to not  knowing his guys previous material, I was going into the unknown. But after having a listen I really enjoy it.

This is due to it having a nice calming feel throughout, with their nice clean reverb guitars and baselines with a bit of drums and piano add-on to made it a nice to listen to. The layout of the whole album was very good with it feeling like a journey with it starting clam getting rocky in the middle and calming down again at the end. With this being his  M.O with telling story through this albums and did so here.

It a very simple layout and add to the whole calming feeling the album gives off. The standout songs of the album are; Seas Of Life, Nothing Holds You Like A Song and More Women but the whole album is worth a listen. On the down side at time the songs ending do on too long and some of the chorus don’t lead to anywhere like in ‘Forest of the lost’ and ‘Tendons & Veins’.

I also would have like more harmonies in the songs like the ones in ‘Nothing Holds Like a Song’ I think it would have added more to overall layout of the songs but that maybe my personal opinion.

Final thoughts (7 out of 10)

If you like a bit of folk acoustic that helps relax you then is album is worth a listen. With great guitar work and a story going throughout the album, you always get a good feeling at the end. With a layout very simple and no real backing vocal that my put off some people but a good album overall. If you want to check this guy out here his Facebook and twitter pages and buy the album when it is released on April 27th.



I hope you have enjoyed this review and will be more in the next couple of weeks but if you want here my opinion on other topic from wrestling to football here a link to my podcast:

But until next time enjoy the rest of the week at see you guys next week 🙂

Written By

Stuart Irvine (Twitter: StuartIrvine91)

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