Today I restart a season I started back in July, where I review my favourite albums from my CD collection at home. My first being my review on ‘Angels & Airwaves first album ‘We Don’t Need to Whisper’ and on this review I’m going to look at Blink 182 last album before their hiatus back in 2005 and that is their self titled album. Read on to find out what I think Blink 182 self titled album.


My Thoughts

This 2003 release by the pop punk formers ‘Blink 182’ back in November of that years was the last album the band released before their slip in 2005. This is my personal favourite blink record due to the way it sounds, production and the layout of the songs in general. For example the opening track ‘Feeling This’ is my all-time favourite blink song due to it’s guitar riffs, Lyrics content and overall sound and a lot of my favourite Blink songs are on this album.

The album overall has some of the best blink song like ‘I Miss You’. ‘Down’ and ‘Always’ and some hidden germs like ‘Obvious’,’Ashenia’ and ‘Easy Target’ with some songs sounding better than others. This album was one of the last that producer ‘Jerry Finn’ product due to his death in 2008, because of a massive heart attack, so it added more important to the album.

This album produced style was great in overall sound, vocal harmonies, instrumental, with Mark and Tom’s vocal a highlight for me like in the song ‘Feeling This’. Another great thing about this album is that the tom and mark focus on serious relationship issue then what they talk about in the past like in ‘I Miss You’ and ‘I’m Lost Without You’ but still keeping the fun and fast pace feel that everyone love about the band at this points.

I think this was the most creative blink 182 album they every done because of the guitar sounded great the bass was awesome and i think Travis drumming was the best he has done for blink 182 and it had the feeling that a lot of hard work when into making it.

Final Thoughts (10 out of 10)

I think with the way blink 182 is going at the moment with Tom leaving and both Mark and Travis wanting to carry on with the band. But it nice to know I still got a blink album that I always wanted. So people may not like this album if there a fans of their previous albums but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Also this album give off that if they didn’t slip back in 2005 where would they be now.

But it my favorite Blink album and will also have a place on my IPod playlist. But I hoped you enjoy this classic album review and next week I will look at Green day famous album ‘American Idiot’. Also if you want to hear my thoughts on first song released from Toms blink demos, so check out my podcast that I will be air on Wednesday here a link to my podcast:

So have a great week and see you guys next week

Written By

Stuart Irvine (Twitter:@StuartIrvine91)