On this edition of my classic album review season were I look at my favourite albums in my CD collections. Today I’m going to do the famous Green Day album ‘American Idiot, where I explain why it one my favourite Green Day album and why it so good . Read on to find out why.

My Thoughts

This 2004 release by the band from East Bay, California is one or their most successful since Dookie in 1994. With this being the album that got Green Day to hit the mainstream again and their first try at rock opera genre that it worked perfectly and change the way everyone look at Green Day.

This album is one of the first i even listen too and always get nostalgia when listening to it on my iPod. This album idea come after first follow-up to their 2000 release Warming called ‘Cigarettes & Valentines’ was stolen by a fan, and with the band disappointed, the producer ‘Rob Cavallo’ asked them was it heir best work then American Idiot was born.

With near every song having catchy epic feel to it and following a story of St Jimmy and Jesus of Suburbia and their journey with all 12 tracks helping to tell that story. With the album having know hits from American Idiot, Hoilday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams,Holiday, Wake Me Up When September Ends and Jesus of Suburbia the list goes on, my personal favourite songs being Letterbomb and Homecoming.

But with this album having so many great songs that will probably change every time I listen to the album. The sound of this album is amazing with it taking green day sound that everyone knew from Dookie and times it by ten ,with the guitar sound giving a new meaning to the word power chord.

The vocal/lyrics is this album is one of highlight for me with Billy Joe being amazing with the lyrics  in songs ‘Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming being the best. With both Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt taking up lead vocal role in parts of songs in Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming really helps give all rounded great vocal feel with mike backing vocal also being amazing.

Final Thoughts (10/10)

I give this album 10/10 due to the fact that it my favorite album of all-time and also give off great memories as it being my first album I have ever listened too. It being their best work they have done and with it winning Grammy Award for Best Rock Album and was made into a Musical and maybe a film, and it up their with the best rock albums of the 21st century in my opinion.

I hope you have enjoy this classic album review with next week I’m going to do a review on Linkin Park first album Hybrid Theory. If you want my thoughts on subject from Football to WWE then check out my podcast and RK Football Talk. But have a great week and see you guys next week.

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