After release after release from the former Blink 182 frontman after on Thursday he release his tracklist  for his upcoming solo LP, and today he his released his second song called The Invisible Parade.

With the track being acoustic is a very strip down to the basic vocal guitar formula. Tom voice sound very different with it having an ‘We Don’t Need to Whisper’ feel to it, but really solid acoustic track and you should really check it out. If you want a more in depth look of Tom Delonge new track then check out my weekly podcast where I talk about his new song, it should be out live tomorrow.

But until then here a link to the song and check out my thoughts on his last song ‘New World’ on my podcast. Enjoy the rest of the week and hopefully see you guys tomorrow on my podcast.

Tom Delonge – The Invisible Parade:

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Stuart Irvine Podcast – Episode Nine (My Review of Tom Delonge new song called’The Invisible Parade’)

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