In today album review I’m going to look into the Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive newest studio album called Ire. Is it just another metalcore album we have heard before, or is it something new that no-one has heard before.

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Parkway Drive is a five piece metalcore band from Australia, that includes Winston McCall (lead vocals), Luke Kilpatrick (Rhythm guitar), Jeff Ling (Lead Guitar), Jia O’Connor (Bass) and Ben Gordon (Drums). Their name comes from the street from where their rehearsed and played gig called, ‘The Parkway House’.

This is their fifth studio album which was released of September 25 of this year and was produced by George Hadji-Christou, mixed by Peter Rutcho and Mastered by Ted Jensen who is well known for mastering albums from Trivium, Paramore, Yellowcard etc.

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My Review

With this being the fifth studio album from the Australian metalcore band known as Parkway Drive with me only listening to their previous album called ‘Atlas’ back in 2012 and wasn’t impressed. But I was really surprised by how good this album was. It is hard-hitting, loud and in your face like the opening track ‘Destroyer’ which shows this perfectly.

Tracks like ‘Writing On The Wall’ and ‘Crushed’ were my favourite in this album, the guitar work as a whole is a enjoy to listen too, with it having with creative lead lines and chord progression that really get you hooked which is hard with metalcore.

But it really has done well with this album. Tracks like ‘Destroyer’, ‘Vice Grip’ and ‘Crushed’ really show this creative. Also, the addictive of strings and choir voices really helped the album stand out, which them elements you normally see in pop songs really add to the songs like ‘Writing On The Wall’ and ‘Crushed’.

Other styles like Dark Metal to Nu Metal could be heard in this album and doesn’t sound like a Metalcore band. And at times bands like Slipknot and Iron Maiden can be heard like in the song Vice Grip. But songs like ‘Dying To Believe’ and ‘Fractures’ really don’t do it for me with the guitar sounding like it going back to metalcore elements that I don’t like but that could just be me.

Verdict: B

I love it when an album surprises me and this album by far did that. with the great guitar riffs, creative lead lines and awesome string and choir element really makes this album a joy to listen too and you should really check it out. So let me know what you thought of the album in the comment below and also thought my twitter and Facebook accounts.

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