Today I’m doing to break down the full trailer for the Star Wars: Force Awakens that was air last Night during halftime in American Monday Night Football game. With it not letting out Plot details but showing what kind of film it going to be and I little look at the new main characters.

No appears of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the trailer or poster as Newcomers like Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max Von Sydow also not make an appearing, but that could be nothing.

So this is my opinion and breakdown of the new star wars trailer:

Breakdown of Trailer 

pic 2

With every trailer, we have got so far it hype up the film for me by 100 because after seeing this I just have to see this movie when it comes out on December 17th.

But we start with Rey going through a star destroyer which must be the down one we saw in the second trailer which we know now as an aftermath of the battle of Jakku between Rebels and the Empire.

pic 6

Then we get Rey walking thought the sand plant of Jakku with BB8 with a voice saying ‘Who are you,” Rey is asked. “I’m no one,” she replies. We get to see Fin saying ‘he raised to do one thing” with is TIE Fighter clashing on what we think is Jakku.

pic 8

Then we see Kylo Ren at the bridge of a star destroyer or the hidden first order base that people think is the Starkiller base.

pic 11


We also get to see how obsessional Kylo is with Darth Vader by saying “I will finish… what you started”. We get a picture of Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) appears to get tortured by Kylo Ren.

Pic 12

The Millennium Falcon is back and looks better than ever with this great clip and fighting off TIE Fighter in the wreck of Jukka that always give me goosebumps with the added John William Classic score.

pic 14

Han solo is back telling Fin and Rey about the event of the previous films saying “There are stories about what happened…”“It’s true. All of it”.

Pic 15


First look at what we think is the Knights of Ren and they do look pretty cool and are interesting to find out more about them in the film.

Pic 18

Then will get a shot of an upcoming battle between the first order and the Resistance and of the black X-wing and Poe and Fin readying for battle. We see an X-wing destroying a TIE Fighter would is always fun.

Then, Han, Fin, and Rey enter a weird building would be the hideout of pirate boss Maz Kanata which is played by Lupita Nyong’o. Then the scene from the second trailer with a Robot hand, big cloak, and R2-D2, which could be Luke Skywalker.

Pic 20

Then we see Captain Phasma who is played Gwendoline Christie in an unknown places maybe the Starkiller base again.

Pic 23

Another scene of Han, Chewie, Fin looking shocked at something maybe being resolved?. Then BB-8 in the x-wing and Han reunited with Leia.

Pic 25

Then the final scene is with Kylo Ren and Fin fighting off against one another maybe because of kyle wanting the lightsaber that Fin is using because it was used by Luke and Anakin as known as Darth Vader.

Final Thought

No word’s can describe how excited I am for this film know that it two months away. I’ve watched this trailer around 20 times now and it still gives me every time, I look forward to seeing Kyle Ren, Fin, Rey, Han, and Luke.

So this is my breakdown and thoughts on the last Star Wars trailer, next month will do a review of all six-star wars film before number 7 comes out on December 17th.

So let me know what you thought are on latest Star Wars trailer in the comment below and contract me on my twitter and Facebook accounts.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Final Trailer

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