My Song of the Day: Nobody’s Listening By Linkin Park (2nd November 2016)

Hi everyone this is a new series of articles where I share songs I think you should check out from latest releases to classic songs. Today I’m looking at a very underrated Linkin Park song it ‘Nobody’s Listening’ off the album second studio album ‘Meteora’.

In this song the call and response singing between Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda is at it best in the chorus and the great rap elements with the repeating samples in the background through the whole really help it stand out. Also, and song that has Chester Bennington great screaming vocal in I will always love.

But maybe check this song out next time you listening to Meteora on your iPod like I do every day :). Here a link to the song below and if you what find  out more about me check me out my Twitter and Instagram there are links also below.


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Written By

Stuart Irvine


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