My thoughts on You Me at Six – Night People (2017)

To post more music context on my Facebook page and music blog, I’m going to post brief thoughts on new albums that are coming this year and any new album that I’ve discover. So today I’m going to put my thoughts on You Me At Six new album called ‘Night People’ that was released last Friday.


This album is their fifth studio by the rock band from Surrey and after not being their biggest fan after their prevous release Cavalier Youth, I would say overall it’s good album with some really good tracks from Spell It Out to Can’t Hold Back.


Production wise Jacquire king best knows from recording Kings of Leon and James Bay as done an great job of making everything sound amazing like the guitar tone in the back half of the album.


It not an album you would want to seek out and listen to all the time, but definitely may some progress from the last album. But, if they stay on this sounds I made have to check them out in the future . But it’s worth a listen too and you should check it out


Verdit: B+

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