Pretty Gritty – Seven Year Itch (Album Review)

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So this year I made a promise to myself I would write more reviews of new music and this year I think I have done so. For the first time in almost a year, I’m writing on my blog to review Pretty Gritty new album ‘Seven Year Itch’

The duo is from Portland, Oregon with Sarah Wolff doing the vocals and Blaine playing acoustic guitar. After doing a number of DIY national tours they released their debut album called Pretty Gritty in 2012 which won 2 Indie Music Channel awards for Best Country Song and Best Folk Song.

With that success, in 2014 Sarah and Blaine made the tough decision to leave friends and family behind to pursue their music career and in that year released an EP called New River. In 2017 they planned to release their second album but they had two setbacks.

First, their friend Fred Cannon had a near-death experience when getting open heart surgery and secondly Blaine getting a flu virus and had quarantined him from Fred. But with the help of Paul Buono they got the album back on track and in March 2018 they released the album ‘Seven Year Itch’.

With great simple but catchy acoustic guitar riff and great vocal harmonies between Blaine and Sarah, it’s a joy to listen to and had a real on the road feel to it. We start with If I Were A Carpenter which really touching love ballad that was originally requested by a couple for a wedding that they changed for the album.

With really cool call and response between Sarah and Blaine talking about how much they love each other which works with the wedding theme. Also, with nice synth in the background, it really set the tone and is a great opener.

We get a more happy-go-lucky track with Bone To Pick with a really cool catchy country guitar riff that really drives the song and with more great back and forth between Sarah and Blaine talking about the hard times in relationship and in the end it being all worth it, and this is put together really well.

More of the same with Coming Loose with nice acoustic riff with happy and upbeat feel even if the subject matter is the complete opposite. They talk about that if your the better person in all situations it will eventually backfire. This is shown in the chorus line ‘That high road feels like the only road I’m traveling’ added with the chorus harmonies it’s really gets stuck in your head.

We slow it down with Love Don’t Live Here Anymore which is a more emotional track about loving someone and feeling emotionless and empty and the hopes of those feelings returning one day. Sarah really set the mood of loss which really breaks your heart and is a highlight of the album

More of a pop track with Every Road which looks at when you’re traveling back to your loved one any way you can. It has a hopeful feel to it and adds the feeling of loss in the previous track. I see this being the one that stands out for me and would be great on the pop charts.

All I Have To Do Is Dream is a cover from the famous duo Everly Brothers which their producer Fed Connon suggested to cover which was a great idea due to the style suits them.  Also, with that song being about the vocal and that being the duo strengths it really is a great cover.

A nice relaxing track about the problems of life in Something’s Gotta Give with it being about when you’re having a rough time, arguing, and barely having enough money to survive which we can all relate too. With really cool chord progression and has a feeling it was written after an arguing, it’s great to listen too when times are tough.

Sunday Road is a different look at someone hometown with it being about Blaine’s mother hometown through her eyes. With an american southern vibe to it with the Banjo playing really make it a joy to listen too.  The harmonies in the chorus once again candy to my ears.

With  Save Yourself The Trouble they look at a lover who thinks she isn’t good enough for him this is shown it the line ‘I’ll let you down’ with the slow tempo it really make you think what would you do in this situation and that is a sign of a good song.

Come What May we get a really great acoustic lead with more upbeat vibe, with them looking at when you what to give up and understanding that you’re not alone in everything you do. I really enjoyed the lyrics in the chorus saying ‘You be your sail. I’ll be the boat, we will sail too together to the unknown’  due to it being lovely lyrics it makes you feel great.

The Town which is a heartbreaking track about going home to a good friend funeral which is sad but the way they perform it feels hopeful. We finish the album with The Voice is a beautiful track looking at life and if the chooses we make were right. With Sarah and Blaine great vocals on it that work all through the album it’s a great way to finish off.

Overall, I really did enjoy this album a lot with great acoustic playing by Blaine that always got your attention and Sarah beautiful voice added to Blaine as well it really is the highlight of most of the songs. My favorite tracks are Bone to PickEver Road and Come What May.

To check out this album click on the link below.

Written By

Stuart Irvine

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