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My Song of the Day: Up All Night By Alex Clare (5th November 2016)

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My Song of the Day: Reach Out by Take That (4th November 2016)

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My Song of the Day: Nobody’s Listening By Linkin Park (2nd November 2016)

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My Song of the Day : Threat Level Midnight By Neck Deep (1st November 2016)

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Blink 182 – California album review



Blink 182 is a three piece pop punk band that comes from Poway, California with ordinary members Scott Raynor, Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge. Raynor was fired midway through a 1998 tour and replaced by Barker where the band kicked off to super stardom with albums Enema of the State (1999) and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and self titled ‘Blink 182′.

But in 2005 Tom quit the band to put the band into “indefinite hiatus”. But in 2009 the band reformed and in 2011 released Neightorhoods, but Tom left the band again, but was replaced by Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio. This is Blink 182 seventh studio album called ‘California’ and was released July 1st 2016.

It was produced by John Feldmann who is best known as the lead singer of the band ‘Goldfinger’ and recording albums like All Time Low ‘Future Hearts’ , 5 Seconds of Summer ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ and Good Charlotte latests album ‘Youth Authority’

From more about Blink 182


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Album Review: Parkway Drive – Ire (2015)

In today album review I’m going to look into the Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive newest studio album called Ire. Is it just another metalcore album we have heard before, or is it something new that no-one has heard before.

Read on to find out:








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Gaunt Story release new Music Video Called Forest of the Lost








Hello everyone hope you had a great day so far, and today I’m going to do a quick article to let you about an album I review back in March from an artist called ‘Gaunt Story’ new music video. He has just released the new music video for the song ‘Forest for the Lost’ for the album called Nothing Holds You Like A Song. If you haven’t check it out yet you should because it worth a watch, here a link to it below

Also if you want to have a listen to Gaunt Story new album and check out his previous work on Facebook and his twitter. Also if you want to read my review on the album that will also below in the link’s;

Gaunt Story – Nothing Holds You Like A Song Album Review

Gaunt Story – Forest of the Lost (Official Music Video)

Facebook story


If you haven’t listen to it you really should and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, as well as contacting me on the following links:


Twitter: @stuartirvine91


Written by Stuart Irvine (@stuartirvine91)

My thoughts on Tom Delonge third song ‘Circle-Jerk-Pit’


So after the release of  ‪The Invisible Parade two weeks ago and the music video for New World also being released, it been a another busy couple of weeks of the former Blink 182 frontman. But on Tuesday he release the third and final track before the LP release on April 20th and it called ‘Circle-Jerk-Pit.

In this article I will talk about my thoughts on this new song. I would normal do this on my podcast by due to last week being really busy and this week being ill I through I would just do a written review this time and next week I will return with episode 11 of my podcast.

My Thoughts

The song is a throwback to Tom’s Punk rock days and that is shown in the guitar sound that is very distorted and heavy, also the vocal going back to the vocal style that he used back in the early Blink days. The lyrics are very simpler to the other two releases with it not really having a real structure, but the song is still solid and has got me more excited about the LP.

The song has some simpler to 2002 Boxcar Racer song ‘My First Punk song’ with that being the last time he did a song that had that kind of guitar sound. But Circle-Jerk-Pit has a bit slower and guitar is very different but i can see why people are said that it sound like it. Also the bridge had a feeling that Mark vocals would have worked well in that part of that song but as said it a solid song. You should really check it out and has it worth a listen.

If you want a to look at my thoughts on the other two release check out my weekly podcast with the link to them and Circle-Jerk-Pit below. But my podcast will return next week but until then enjoy the song and my podcast.

Tom Delonge – Circle-Jerk-Pit:

Stuart Irvine Podcast – Episode Eight (My Review of Tom Delonge new song called’New World’)

Stuart Irvine Podcast – Episode Nine (My Review of Tom Delonge new song called’The Invisible Parade’)

Written By

Stuart Irvine (Twitter: @StuartIrvine91)


Album Review: Gaunt Story – Nothing Holds You Like A Song

So today I’m going to look at the Gaunt Story third album called ‘ Nothing Holds You Like A Song’ after getting a nice surprising email in my inbox to review this album that i happy to do. Will I enjoy this album or not, read on to find out more. artworks-000106956296-qt0s4q-t500x500

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